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Worthwhile Wear’s National ‘Act Challenge’ Smashes Participation Records and Raises Awareness About Human Trafficking


Worthwhile Wear's 2023 Act Challenge

Worthwhile Wear's 2023 Act Challenge was open to any and all participants. Over 850 people completed miles to raise awareness of the issue human trafficking by running, biking, walking, swimming and paddling

On July 30, we recognized "World Day Against Trafficking" and on that same day Worthwhile Wear released the results of the national "Act Challenge." Participants and supporters from all over the globe logged miles in their communities and raised awareness about human trafficking with their actions by completing more than 192,000 miles. Worthwhile Wear operates a variety of restorative programs supporting survivors of trafficking and created the "Act Challenge'' as a way for the larger community to get involved. "When people hear about human trafficking, they want to act and get involved, so we created a way for people of all ages, abilities and locations to join with us in providing care to survivors, while also raising awareness about this growing issue," shared Dan Emr, Founder and Executive Director of Worthwhile Wear. As the challenge ran from May 1st to July 30th, individuals, groups, businesses, schools, churches and people from all over joined the mission by unlocking pledged dollars with every mile logged. Through the generosity of the Act Challenge sponsors and the efforts of all those who logged miles, over $102,000 was raised through the event which in turn will enable Worthwhile Wear to continue providing community outreach, long-term housing, employment, counseling, and restorative services to survivors of human trafficking. Since over 40 million people are trafficked worldwide, many survivors do not have access to resources for dealing with trauma, abuse, and addiction. Worthwhile Wear is forging a path for everyone to be a part of the solution. Dan Emr, Executive Director and Founder of Worthwhile Wear, is available for in-person or virtual interviews to discuss this event and the issue of human trafficking. Visit to learn more.

Worthwhile Wear is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to reaching lives affected by human trafficking and restoring these survivors with a sense of belonging and worth. The road to healing requires a comprehensive response. It's not enough to offer a single solution, which is why Worthwhile Wear first engages survivors where they are, in our communities, then offers long-term stability with safe housing, and finally provides them with opportunities for financial independence by employment through its thrift stores. This wraparound approach is how Worthwhile Wear offers the most comprehensive services to survivors of trafficking in the state of Pennsylvania. 

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