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Vertosoft Named Government Channel Partner for the Leading OutSystems Low-Code Platform


Vertosoft & OutSystems

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Vertosoft, a high-value distributor of innovative technology solutions to the government, is thrilled to announce its newest partnership with OutSystems, the pioneer in low-code application development. This collaboration positions Vertosoft as a key public sector channel partner for the leading OutSystems high-performance, low-code platform. By leveraging the advanced OutSystems platform, Vertosoft can now offer an accelerated, efficient, and secure application development solution to its extensive network within the public sector. This partnership not only propels public sector agencies forward in their digital transformation journeys but also underscores Vertosoft and OutSystems' commitment to fostering innovation and enhancing operational efficiency across government entities.

“We are excited to offer the industry the ‘#1 Low-code Platform’ to the public sector,” said Chet Hayes, Chief Technology Officer of Vertosoft.  “This partnership will fast-track digital transformation in government by simplifying the development and maintenance of critical software applications.“

“Vertosoft is a terrific addition to our public sector partner ecosystem and supports our shared customers in reaching their innovation goals,” said Derek Downs, Senior Director of North America Partner Alliances. “Vertosoft’s focus on emerging technology adoption in government is a valued capability, and together we will help accelerate digital transformation in the public sector and bring great value to our customers.”

The OutSystems high-performance, low-code platform is designed to provide organizations with the essential tools needed for building and managing important applications securely. Known for its ability to build mission-critical apps using state-of-the-art visual tools, OutSystems accelerates the development process with the help of AI automation and an easy-to-use visual interface. This advanced yet streamlined development process allows for smooth app creation and continuous updates to user interfaces, business processes, and data models. Moreover, OutSystems prioritizes security at every stage of development, featuring automated security checks, built-in identity management, role-based access, single sign-on, encryption, and auditing capabilities to ensure the safety and integrity of your applications.

With over 70 pre-built UI templates and patterns, dozens of application templates, and hundreds of pre-built system connectors, public sector organizations can rapidly accelerate their development processes using the OutSystems platform. These resources not only expedite the creation of applications but also ensure a high level of consistency and quality across projects, allowing developers, regardless of their experience level, to deliver robust, efficient, and secure applications to meet the evolving demands of their organization.

OutSystems is investing in a FedRAMP-compliant version of its OutSystems platform.    

About Vertosoft

Vertosoft is a high-value distributor dedicated to providing innovative and emerging technology solutions to the government. Our comprehensive solution portfolio coupled with our elite services provides channel partners and suppliers with the enablement, inside sales support, contracts, and compliant systems required to drive growth in the government market.

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