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Locusview Deploys Electric Digital Construction Management Solution for Multi-State Tier 1 Electric Utility


Locusview provides a seamless digital workflow for construction jobs from planning to construction to closeout.

A Tier 1 electric utility operating in eight states has deployed Locusview Digital Construction Management (DCM) for their electric as-builting workflows. Locusview’s pioneering DCM solution has streamlined the utility’s electric as-builting process to provide timely and accurate asset data to their GIS system of record and better support their grid modernization programs and ADMS. With this deployment, the utility now uses Locusview’s DCM solution to manage all electric and gas construction activities across eight states to improve safety, service, and reliability to their >1 million gas and electric utility customers. 

The utility’s electric construction workflows were previously managed with paper and unsupported GPS hardware, requiring tedious data post-processing and manual work order closeout. Delivery of as-builts to the GIS team was done via paper and took weeks/months after construction was completed, delaying downstream GIS data use (EAM, ADMS, etc.). The utility recognized the value Locusview had been providing their gas construction workflows since 2019, making it a natural next step to expand the use of Locusview into electric construction. After delivering a successful electric pilot project during the COVID-19 pandemic, Locusview worked with the utility to deliver a full-production electric as-builting solution. The project provided change management, customer readiness, product enhancements and training and provisioning all in under five months. Locusview also implemented an integration to the utility’s GIS system of record and deployed a Trimble Catalyst GNSS hand-held form factor to capture asset locations with high-accuracy GPS.

Now, the utility starts their electric construction workflow by managing digital work orders in Locusview’s web-based Work Order Management module before performing electric as-built field activities. In the field, utility crews digitally collect electric as-built data with Locusview’s mobile application on iPad Pros integrated with Trimble Catalyst DA2 GNSS receivers. Forms tailored to the utility’s data collection workflows are used to collect attribute data for constructed electric assets and landbase features. The Locusview mobile application validates that data was collected correctly, identifies anomalies, and restricts submission until the anomalies are addressed.  Electric as-built data is available in real-time to back-office personnel during field activities via the web-based Locusview Review and Approve module. After the work order has been approved, the digital electric as-built data is automatically delivered to the utility’s GIS system of record, and the work order is digitally closed out.

“We knew that our existing legacy software, hardware and processes could no longer support our growth and grid modernization goals.  We were familiar with the use of Locusview in our gas business. This made implementing Locusview for our electric as-builting an easy choice. We like the ability to manage fieldwork in real-time while in the field without having to go back to the office to fix errors or back to the field to fill gaps. The digital GIS export process also eliminates the need for data post-processing which has saved over 100 hours/month across the team. Now, once data collection is completed and approved, it is automatically exported to our GIS'', said the utility’s GIS Manager.

“We are excited to have partnered with our customer on this electric DCM project. Electric infrastructure construction has had to increase rapidly in response to government stimulus and grid modernization programs. Utilities are finding it difficult to feed their modern electric operations systems with the legacy tools and workflows of the past. With this project our customer has streamlined their GIS update workflow speeding ADMS updates & increasing grid reliability,” said Danny Petrecca, Vice President of Business Development of Locusview.

“Electric utilities are spending billions of dollars on grid modernization programs in the face of intensifying cost pressures, scarcity of personnel all while using paper and legacy systems and workflows,” said Shahar Levi, Co-Founder and CEO of Locusview. “With Locusview, electric infrastructure construction projects are delivered faster with quicker closeouts and minimized rework, optimizing capital investments, streamlining workflows, and ensuring high customer satisfaction.”

To read the full case study, click here: https://www.locusview.com/resources/electric-as-builting-for-a-tier-1-electric-utility

About Locusview

Founded in 2014, Locusview pioneers the Digital Construction Management space by productizing industry best practices and leveraging technology designed with a field-first approach and a user-friendly interface. Locusview’s technology enables field crews to capture high-fidelity digital as-built data in real-time, thus ensuring a single source of truth that serves the entire enterprise. Locusview’s technology is currently used by +30 utilities, over 180 contractors, and 4,000 field crews daily to drive efficiency, reduce costs and risk, and improve network resiliency and reliability. Today, Locusview prides itself on being a trusted solution provider to some of North America’s largest electric and gas utilities.  

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