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Gerrick Wilkins Announces Bold & America First Border Security Plan


Gerrick Wilkins, candidate for Congress in Alabama's 6th District, today unveiled his comprehensive "America First Border Security Plan." This groundbreaking plan, focusing on robust border security, adherence to the rule of law, and the safety of American citizens, offers an innovative solution to the pressing crisis at our southern border.

Key Pillars of the Plan:

1. Securing the Border: Wilkins commits to constructing a formidable physical barrier along the entire southern border. This initiative, aimed at deterring illegal entry, symbolizes national resolve. Additionally, he proposes significant funding increases for ICE and CBP by reallocating funds from the IRS expansion and Ukraine’s security.

2. Strengthening Law Enforcement and Cooperation: The plan involves mobilizing the National Guard to bolster border security. Wilkins seeks the support of the US military to assist Mexico in eradicating drug cartels, highlighting the shared challenges in border security. Enhanced collaboration with border states to strengthen security programs is also emphasized.

3. Technological Advancements and Legal Reforms: Beyond constructing the wall, Wilkins proposes deploying advanced technology such as drones, satellites, and surveillance tools for border monitoring and security. The plan also includes funding to streamline legal processes for asylum, deportation, and enforcement actions by empowering local law enforcement, reinstating the "Stay in Mexico" policy, and ending Biden’s catch-and-release program.

4. Stricter Regulations and Penalties: Implementing severe penalties for human traffickers, expanding background checks for all individuals entering the country, and imposing substantial penalties for visa overstays are integral parts of the plan. It also calls for holding foreign governments accountable for facilitating or ignoring illegal immigration into the United States. Companies will be mandated to verify the immigration status of their employees.

5. Immigration Reforms: The plan envisions a shift from family-based to merit-based immigration, aligning with national needs. Wilkins also plans to reform the refugee system to focus on low-risk individuals.

6. Financial Plan: The strategy calls for an increase in fees associated with visas, background checks, and the naturalization process, as well as for international money transfers. These adjustments are designed to generate additional revenue to support the funding of enhanced border security measures.

“As the crisis at our border escalates into a dire national security risk, it's imperative for Congress to act decisively. Our 'America First Border Security Plan' is a call to action, not just a policy proposal,” declared Gerrick Wilkins.

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