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Conservative Gerrick Wilkins Advocates Defunding the UN to Invest in Domestic Projects


Gerrick Wilkins

Gerrick Wilkins

In a recent event held in Gardendale, Alabama, Gerrick Wilkins, the conservative Congressional candidate for Alabama's 6th District, unveiled his decisive plan to defund the United Nations (UN). This bold stance comes in response to revelations by the Center for Immigration Studies about the UN's budget allocation for U.S.-bound migrants in 2024.

The report highlighted that the UN, partially funded by American taxpayers, is set to allocate millions for migrants heading to the United States. "This is not just concerning; it's an outright affront to our national sovereignty and security," stated Wilkins. “To learn that an organization we help finance is supporting these efforts at our southern border is unacceptable. This is one of the reasons why I am calling for an immediate termination of U.S. funding to the United Nations."

Wilkins’ plan to defund the UN is rooted in a commitment to redirecting those substantial resources toward critical domestic priorities. The United States contributes approximately $10 billion annually to the UN, a figure that represents nearly a quarter of the organization's budget. Wilkins proposes that these funds be better employed in addressing urgent domestic issues, particularly those affecting Alabama and the nation as a whole.

"Imagine the impact of those billions on our infrastructure, veteran support, and most crucially, on securing our borders," Wilkins elaborated. "We can use this funding to widen I-65, provide better housing for our homeless veterans, and fortify our southern border against this ongoing issue."

By advocating for the reallocation of UN funds, Wilkins underscores his commitment to fiscal responsibility, national security, and his "Alabama First" philosophy. His proposal reflects a broader platform, which focuses on fostering economic growth, strengthening national security, and enhancing the quality of life for Americans.

"A move to defund the UN and invest in our nation’s critical needs aligns perfectly with the values and priorities of the people of Alabama," Wilkins concluded. "It’s time we take a stand against international organizations that act against American interests and focus on building a stronger, more secure America."

Gerrick Wilkins combines his extensive background in business and community service with a deep commitment to conservative principles, including accountability, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

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