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90 Day Deadline Running to File Public Water Claims for Billion Dollar Settlement


Stag Liuzza Water Contamination

Stag Liuzza PFAS water contamination

The Federal Court in South Carolina overseeing the massive PFAS settlement of public water systems across the country issued its first filing deadline. On February 8, 2024, Judge Gergel formally approved the Dupont/Chemours/Corteva $1.185 Billion settlement. In doing so, the court set a claim deadline for all Phase One Claimants of 90 days from the date of the court order. This assumes no appeals are filed. The court has not set deadlines for the $12.5 billion 3M settlement but is expected to do so soon.

Mike Stag of Stag Liuzza, which represents numerous water systems around the country, underscores the short time window now set for Phase One water providers to file their claim seeking funds from the Dupont/Chemours settlement: "Public water systems should understand remediation money will be available this year. If they don't file by the deadline, they could forfeit the right to receive funds or delay funding by several years. Failure to file any claim will likely forfeit the right to receive funding." Public water systems submitting qualifying claims could receive payments as early as this summer.

Stag Liuzza continues preparing and filing claims for their clients. "We want our public water clients to receive money as soon as funding becomes available," Mr. Stag stated. The settlement requires submission of water system data that will be used by the settlement administrator to calculate payments to water systems. Stag adds, "The data collection process for claims is multi-faceted, requiring several steps to recover full funding. Sometimes we also recommend additional PFAS testing to maximize recovery."

More information about the national PFAS Public water system settlement, or filing suit to recover money for PFAS contamination, can be obtained by contacting Mike Stag, Stag Liuzza at [email protected] or by visiting

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