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Valeriya FW23/24 during Paris Couture Week


Valeriya Fall Winter 2023/24 Haute Couture collection during Paris Couture Week.


Without looking to the past, there is no future. By rediscovering the costumes of the great royal courts, in an idealised past, Valeriya reinvents couture in a modernity that seeks to link the timeless beauty of her history to a future that she hopes will be harmonious: beauty alone can save humanity. She thus gives her creations the period shapes, brought up to date, while symbolising a link - the famous ankle attachment, signature of the collection - with the past. All asymmetries draw this balance between past and present. The materials are 100% natural, wool, cotton, silk. Valeriya invented a new weaving technique, deposited and protected. No piece is lined, and the zips are made especially for the House and close upside down, with the House logo, a crown of course... She also decided never to pierce the weaving. As a result, all buttons are old bronze snap buttons. A last reminder to her "Futur antrieur"... 

Runway looks

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Text & Photo: Press Valeriya 

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