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Tori Spelling Exposes Cruel Texts: My Realtor Mocked Our Deadly Infestation!


Just because Tori Spelling says that she’s doing better on her own doesn’t mean that she’s had an easy year.

Between her public and already messy separation and fleeing her mold-infested home (all in the space of a couple of months), she’s not having a hot girl summer.

But there’s a difference between acknowledging a series of unfortunate events and mocking Tori. Especially to her face.

According to the mom of five, a realtor sent her texts making fun of her family’s plight.

Tori Spelling Exposes Cruel Texts: My Realtor Mocked Our Deadly Infestation!
On social media Tori Spelling models a stylish and comfortable looking garment <span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

On Friday, July 21, Tori Spelling took to her Instagram Story to post a series of text messages.

The alleged texts (it’s a screenshot and while it seems real, we have to acknowledge that screenshots can be fabrications) come from someone named Robert Vinson.

“The latest bizarre inquiry,” the thread of messages begins with his remark.

Tori Spelling shared this outdoor selfie in April of 2023 <span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

We often suspect when we receive a message intended for another. Tori clearly did that, as she wrote back: “I’m sorry?”

She went on: “I’m assuming that wasn’t meant for me.”

Most people would realize their mistake and say oh sorry, Miss Tori Spelling, this was about my mom asking questions. Or something like that.

In an Instagram Story post Tori Spelling accused a realtor of mocking her troubles Apparently he sent texts about her to her instead of to its intended recipient Whoops<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

“It is more for Karen,” realtor Robert Vinson allegedly replied to her message.

“Tori Spelling has been asking for a 1 month rental,” he then gossiped … unwittingly to the woman herself.

His text then teased: “If you follow her situation on TMZ it is all amusing.”

Once again at Urgent Care with her family Tori Spelling shared photos to warn followers about the hidden dangers of mold <span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

At this point, Tori opted to reveal herself in order to confront the person mocking her.

“This is Tori Spelling,” she announced. “Wow!”

In a deeply sarcastic tone, Tori continued: “Human empathy and kindness prevails. Kids in crisis is amusing.”

Tori Spelling sported platinum wavy locks and a colorful ensemble in this photo from 2022<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

In addition to posting the screenshot, Tori included some of her own commentary.

“And, this human is a father!” she pointed out. Tori herself is a mother of five.

“I guess I hold out too much hope that people lead by kindness,” Tori then lamented.

Parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott pose with children Liam Stella Hattie Finn and Beau at the Beverly Hilton in June 2023<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

“Shame on you Robert Vinson @vinsongroup real estate!” Tori wrote — name-dropping the alleged perpetrator.

“My 5 kids are going through Mold poisoning and we need a home,” she pointed out.

“And this is how you treat people?” Tori asked. “Mocking their situation?”

In December of 2022 Tori Spelling shared that she had trouble breathing and was once again seeking medical care At the time it was a mystery ailment <span class=image caption credit> instagram<span>

Vinson has since spoken to Page Six, claiming that accidentally insulting Tori was … part of his job as a realtor?

“Celebrity impersonation is rabid in Hollywood,” he began.

Vinson continued: “As a real estate broker, I have a fiduciary responsibility to be certain of the identity of the person we are dealing with.”

Tori and Dean McDermott
Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling have many kids Like SO many kids But money Not so much<span class=image caption credit> Getty<span>

According to Vinson, he thought that Tori reaching out to him for a rental was a “scam” because he could not “confirm” that it was her.

“I am now being publicly shamed for my due diligence,” he claimed.

He said that he texted her in response: “I thought I was being spoofed by someone who was pretending to be you.”

Stella McDermott Tori Spelling and Hattie McDermott attends the premiere of Freeforms Cruel Summer Season 2 on May 31 2023<span class=image caption credit> Getty<span>

We’re not sure that we follow how insulting an actual person is going to effectively expose an imposter. Do they teach that at realty school?

At any rate, Tori’s public post was definitely shaming the guy. But it was arguably a PSA.

For many, their worst fear is that someone with access to their personal lives, like a realtor, might gossip about and mock them behind their back. Tori came face-to-face with that reality.


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