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Tori Roloff Admits to Major Parenting Challenge, Says She Relies on Prayer to Push Through


Tori Roloff is getting candid with her fans.

The long-time Little People, Big World star has never shied away from baring her feeling on social media, admitting, for example, why she’s unlikely to get pregnant again.

Earlier this week, meanwhile, the mother of three opened up about her youngest child, one-year old son Josiah.

Tori Roloff Admits to Major Parenting Challenge, Says She Relies on Prayer to Push Through
Matt Amy Zach and Tori Roloff are featured in this TLC promotional photo<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

While filming her family a bit outside of her Washington home, Tori started on her Instagram Stories as follows:

“Josiah definitely tends to be our more opinionated soul in the house and it was kind of a rough morning with him, so I had to share this…

“I think he’s just a really frustrated kid, like tends to get angry a lot faster. Our other kids never really threw tantrums… Josiah tends to do that.”

That really is so hard for a parent to deal with, a young child with big emotions.

On Little People Big World Tori Roloff speaks to the confessional camera<span class=image caption credit> Image Credit TLC<span>

Citing her husband, Tori continued:

“Zach and I are just trying to navigate how to parent this, because we don’t want to encourage the behavior but then also we just think he’s really frustrated because he wants to be with his older siblings.

“And this morning he really wanted to go outside but he didn’t want to put his shoes on, you know, so we just had a power struggle.”

Ah, yes. Pretty much every mom or dad on the planet can relate to this kind of obstacle and/or outburst.

Tori Roloff addresses the camera in this Little People Big World scene<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

As she so often does in cases such as these, Roloff tried to use her personal experience in order to relate and encourage others.

“On days like today I just want to jump on and remind parents that we just have rough days and that’s okay,” she went on.

“That doesn’t mean that we’re bad parents…

“We’re just trying to navigate how to teach Josiah to communicate that he’s frustrated or communicate what he wants instead of yelling it at us and throwing himself on the ground.”

Zach and Tori Roloff who we absolutely adore are featured in this confessional from Little People Big World<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

We appreciate Tori keeping things so very raw and real for followers, as she concluded:

“Just because it can be embarrassing as parents and it can be really difficult and frustrating for us as well, and I think that prayer is a huge thing for me.

“Literally just went outside and prayed… and then we let him cry it out in his room, I went in and talked to him calmly, and now they’re outside taking a walk, and hopefully we can resume our peaceful morning.”

Amen, Tori.

We’d say we’re anxious to see more of Tori and her family on the next season of Little People, Big World…but we hear they may be done with the show forever.


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