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The Osmolality Lab to Attend Natural Products Expo West


The Osmolality Lab Will Join Other Industry Leaders on March 12 in Anaheim, California

The Osmolality Lab has announced its attendance for the Natural Products Expo West trade show taking place March 12-16 in Anaheim, California. The annual event is one of the leading trade shows in the natural, organic, and healthy products industries. As a world leader in osmolality testing, The Osmolality Lab is set to connect and collaborate with leading brands and rising names alike, emphasizing the critical importance of osmolality in the development in hydration beverages.

At a time where health and wellness take center stage, The Osmolality Lab's presence at the expo marks a significant step towards furthering the awareness and understanding of how osmolality testing can strengthen product performance and consumer benefit. The company's expertise in measuring the concentration of solutes in hydration beverages is crucial for optimizing absorption and hydration effectiveness, making its services invaluable to brands aiming to lead in the sports drink and hydration sector.

"We're excited to connect with industry leaders and gain a better understanding of the unique challenges they're facing in the market today. We hope to share our insights on the pivotal role of osmolality and how it can strengthen their positioning in the market while also giving consumers more options for effective beverages during their hydration routine," said Nick Gillitt, Ph.D., CEO of The Osmolality Lab.

The Osmolality Lab, the global leader in osmolality product testing, was founded in 2018 with the mission “to improve health and safety for all consumers by providing unique services to partners driven to create excellence in their category.” The company's team tests and certifies in a variety of industries, such as hydration beverages, functional beverages, spring waters, and personal lubricants, skin care, and more, to help clients and consumers learn more about how the product performs so they can purchase with confidence. Products that meet The Osmolality Lab's strict testing and evaluation criteria can also be awarded THE OSMOLab CERTIFIEDSM mark to help communicate the commitment to transparency and product quality to consumers.

Attending Natural Products Expo West or have a product you'd like to test? Contact The Osmolality Lab here.

Learn more about osmolality and certifications at or click here to learn about the "Five W's" of Osmolality Testing.

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