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Raquel Leviss: Tom Sandoval Is Getting RICH From Our Affair, While I’m Going Broke!


When the world first learned about the affair between Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval, many remarked that the scandal was sure to boost ratings for Vanderpump Rules.

And it did!

Unfortunately, not all of the principal players are benefitting from this resurgence in popularity.

We now know that Raquel will not be returning to Vanderpump for the show’s eleventh season.

Raquel Leviss: Tom Sandoval Is Getting RICH From Our Affair, While I’m Going Broke!
Raquel spills the tea about her affair with Tom Sandoval<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Bravo<span>

Leviss says she has many reasons for quitting the show, but chief among them is her feeling that she was not adequately compensated for the pain she endured as a result of the Scandoval.

Earlier this week, Raquel appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, where she made her most candid comments to date about the affair with Tom and her relationship with her Bravo bosses.

Leviss complained that she’s “in debt” and didn’t receive “a penny” for her role in the scandal.

Raquel Leviss has been threatened in various ways since her affair came to light<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

It was later revealed that Raquel was paid $361,000 for her work on the tenth season of Vanderpump, but she feels she deserves more for the criticism she received as a result of the affair.

With that salary, Leviss probably won’t receive much sympathy online.

Still, there might be some validity to her complaints that Sandoval has been able to continue cashing in on the scandal.

“He’s not technically a producer, [but] he’s been on the series from day 1, season 1,” Raquel told Bethenny.

Raquel Leviss attends DailyMailcom and TMX opening celebration of Schwartz Sandys on July 19 2022 in Los Angeles California <span class=image caption credit> Getty<span>

“I don’t know if I’m even able to disclose this information, but he did tell me during negotiations for season 11 that he was offered a producer credit for season 11,” Leviss explained.

“So, I think he was being rewarded for the Scandoval of it all,” she continued.

“To me, that’s kind of gross because it seems — it makes me skeptical. Was this really just something that was fabricated for this end result?”

Tom and Raquels romance has reportedly come to an end but the fallout will likely continue with them for the rest of their lives <span class=image caption credit> Bravo<span>

Sandoval and Leviss ended their romance shortly after their affair became public knowledge, and it seems that Raquel regrets ever getting involved with Tom in the first place.

Neither of them wound up in a lasting relationship, and they both received a ton of hate both online and from their own circle of friends.

But at least Tom benefitted from the situation financially!

Ariana Madix is releasing a cocktail book inspired by her tumultuous year<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

As for the third party in all of this, well it looks as though Tom’s betrayed ex is doing better than ever.

Ariana Madix has joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars; she’s in a stable relationship, and earlier today, she announced the release of a cocktail book that’s based on her recent experiences!

It’s a beautiful irony that Ariana wound up on top in the end!

And we’ll be watching VPR Season 11 with the hope that she’ll eventually throw one of her signature cocktails in Sandoval’s face!


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