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Luis Ruelas Calls Joe Gorga a Rat, Doesn’t Want Him at the Wedding


Ever since his “hot mic moment” when cameras heard him badmouthing Joe, Luis Ruelas has gone mask-off.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans saw him trash Joe Gorga … the way that many believe that he’s been doing all along, off camera.

Even during something as simple as preparing for a party, the tensions with Joe come up again.

Luis compared the man to a “rat on the street.” And then he told Teresa to her face that he didn’t want her brother at their wedding.

Luis Ruelas Calls Joe Gorga a Rat, Doesn’t Want Him at the Wedding
Laying out her clothes on the bed Teresa Giudice prepares for a 1920s party Image Credti Bravo

To begin, this scene from the final minutes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13, Episode 14 was just fine. Almost cute!

Teresa Giudice had laid out here clothes for a ’20s party.

That is, a 1920s party. Yes, we area in a time when we have to specify. The 1920s were the Roaring Twenties. Now we’re in the Screaming Twenties.

Setting out his jacket Luis Ruelas reveals that he previously wore this to a Gatsby party Image Credit Bravo

Luis had also laid out his simpler ensemble. Apparently, he already had a 1920s jacket lying around.

This prompted Teresa to discuss his fashion sense with the confessional camera.

She likes it. Teresa recalled having “had to” buy clothing for ex-husband Joe Giudice.

Speaking to the confessional camera Teresa Giudice comments about how she loves how her current man dresses Image Credit Bravo

Teresa really likes Luis’ personal sense of style. There is, as always, no accounting for taste.

However, in the moment, Teresa opened up about something painful.

She had not spoken to her brother, Joe Gorga. And not for lack of trying.

Becoming sad Teresa Giudice reveals that her own brother has not been returning her calls Image Credit Bravo

Teresa had called her brother multiple times, to no avail.

“He’s never not taken my call,” she noted.

This is when Luis speculated about what Joe was going through.

According to Luis Ruelas his brother in law is going through something Image Credit Bravo

In Luis’ mind, Joe was undergoing a psychological process that made him totally unable to respond rationally.

Teresa commented that it was not great timing, that she wished that Joe hadn’t gone through this in the buildup to her wedding.

But, to Luis, the timing is the whole point.

Making quite the facial expression Luis Ruelas accuses that his brother in laws issues and their timing are deliberate image Credit Bravo

“Yeah, but it’s happening right now on purpose because we’re getting married,” Luis insisted.

“It’s bulls–t. It’s such a shame,” he complained, before throwing in an “I feel so bad for you.”

This is when Teresa began repeatedly … apologizing?

Repeatedly Teresa Giudice feels the need to apologize to her partner For what Image Credit Bravo

Teresa has shown multiple times that she feels that she has wronged Luis.

How? By … having a brother who doesn’t like him.

Fans have repeatedly expressed their concerns about why Teresa is so, so apologetic to her partner.

Though Luis Ruelas emphasizes that he doesnt blame his partner some viewers dont find him reassuring Image Credit Bravo

In all fairness, Luis did reply with: “Don’t ever apologize. Because his actions are not your fault.”

Maybe that is how he genuinely feels. Perhaps Teresa just feels like Joe’s actions are something that she brought into this relationship.

But viewers are very conscious of how Luis might say one thing on camera but act differently in private.

Aided by some very helpful captions Luis Ruelas recalls when he took offense Image Credit Bravo

“You know when I got insulted? Honestly, when we were at [Rachel] Fuda’s house,” Luis announced.

“It’s when he said you were miserable,” he recalled.

Luis then accused: “He’s projecting his own bulls–t on you!”

A flashback shows Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga telling her sister in law his sister that she is miserable Image Credit Bravo

The episode played a clip of Joe and Melissa’s (failed) intervention attempt with Teresa.

“Your brother is devilishly calculated by everything he does,” Luis then speculated.

“And he’s actually thinking about how to hurt you,” he claimed. “It’s disgusting.”

In the mind of Luis Ruelas the backlash against his relationship is a reaction to his partners happiness Image Credit Bravo

“Babe, I’m not dealing with it anymore,” Teresa said. “Really, I want peace, and if he doesn’t want that, then he can just stand alone.”

After seeming to roll his eyes at his then-fiancee, Luis remarked: “Well, our life’s been really peaceful because we haven’t had your brother in our life the last two, three weeks.”

Luis then added, more ominously: “I’m not gonna deal with it. I’m ready to react.”

Luis Ruelas suggests two motives for backlash his brother in law wanting to feel needed and projection Image Credit Bravo

“Do you plan on talking to him tonight?” Teresa then asked.

“I would like to talk to your brother as much as I would like to talk to a rat in the street,” Luis replied.

That is quite a line. Many of us have felt that way … but few of us would say it directly to the person’s sibling.

Saying that hes ready to react Luis Ruelas compares his brother in law to a rat in the street Image Credit Bravo

“The problem lies between his ears and no one else’s!” Luis ranted. And Teresa’s pleas for him to relax did not go over well.

“Relax? That’s dangerous. Because I’m not gonna take s–t anymore” Luis declared, saying that he’d seen her be a “beautiful, at times naive woman” while Joe did nothing but “gaslight” and “manipulate” her.

“I don’t even want your brother coming to our wedding,” Luis announced. Well, he got his wish!


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