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Kailyn Lowry: Caught Hiding Baby Bump Amid Rumors That She’s Pregnant With SIXTH Child?!


There’s been a lot of attention paid to Kailyn Lowry’s Instagram page in recent months.

We should clarify that Kail has 4.4 million followers, so there’s always a lot of attention paid to her posts, but in 2023, many of those folks are taking a magnifying glass to Lowry’s pics.

That’s because a strange situation regarding Kailyn’s home life.

You see, at the moment, no one is really sure how many children she has.

Kailyn Lowry: Caught Hiding Baby Bump Amid Rumors That She’s Pregnant With SIXTH Child?!
Kailyn Lowry attends the 27th Annual Webby Awards at Cipriani Wall Street on May 15 2023 in New York City <span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Getty Images<span>

Many are convinced that Lowry secretly welcomed a fifth child late last year.

And as bonkers as that theory sounds, there’s quite a lot of evidence to support it.

Kail has refused to deny the rumors, and on a recent episode of her podcast, she seemed to accidentally confirm that she’s a mother of five.

Kailyn Lowry wraps her arms around son Lux in this cute photo<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

Now, the plot has thickened further, as fans have become convinced that Kail is secretly pregnant with her sixth child!

The theory seems to be mostly rooted in the fact that Lowry has been strategically “hiding” from her followers, as in the photo below.

“Getting the outdoor bathroom ready for the boy’s birthday party with PRIME DAY!” she captioned this pic of her new remodeling project.

Kail shared a photo of her outdoor bathroom on Instagram in July of 2023<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

As you can see, Kail’s reflection would have been visible in the mirror, but she blocked it out with a black heart.

Proponents of this theory also point to a recent Instagram Live, in which Lowry revealed that one of her sons had become very concerned about hiding her physique during a recent trip to the beach.

“He’s covering up, and he’s like, ‘So that’s how you’re going?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and he started covering up my belly and said, ‘Well I don’t want anyone to see you,’” she said.

Some fans think Kailyn Lowry has been hiding a baby bump <span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

“I don’t want nobody to look at your belly, so I’m doing this to your belly,” the boy apparently remarked.

The revelation led fans to the conclusion that Kail’s sons are involved in her efforts to conceal the truth.

“He was probably ‘told’ Don’t tell anyone I’m pregnant so naturally he’s wanting to protect her ‘belly’… kail tried to clean that conversation up but also leave a little bit to get people talking,” one commenter speculated, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Kailyn Lowry has four sons Here she is with the oldest Isaac <span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

“How weird to post something like that….,” a second wrote.

“Bless her heart. She swells SO BAD when she’s pregnant, which is how we all know. I honestly do not know why she is hiding all of this,” a third chimed in.

“He should cover her face aswell because it’s showing,” a fourth agreed.

“WhY aRe YoU lIkE tHiS bc that’s what you taught them to lie and cover up your pregnancy and baby brother,” a fifth commented.

Kailyn Lowry hosts several popular podcasts <span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

“Oh yeah, she’s definitely expecting. I can see it in her face,” a sixth observed.

You get the idea.

There was a time when we would’ve dismissed these rumors as absurd, but since Kail seems to be hiding a fifth child, we guess the idea that she’s also hiding a sixth pregnancy is not so crazy!


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