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Juli Tawil – A Canvas of Creativity, Revolution, and Growth 


The journey is just as important as the destination in the world of art. That journey has been a rich tapestry of experiences, creative exploration, and an unwavering passion for artistic expression for artist Juli Tawil. News7 Channel delves into this seasoned artist’s life and work, revealing the layers of inspiration and dedication that define her craft.

Juli’s artistic odyssey began at the tender age of 12, when she embarked on art classes at the “Painting Atelier” led by her mother, an artist herself. Those early years were a time of observation, where she absorbed the world of brushes, paints, and fabric canvases. It was a childhood filled with the vivid strokes of creativity.

Although initially pursuing a professional career in Industrial Design, when Juli may have thought that a career in that field was the logical choice, she did not know the turn her career would take. Working in a Design and Innovation studio, launching a venture focused on prints and decoration items, and immersing herself in fashion catalog design, she honed her skills. However, it was the siren call of art that eventually led her to turn her passion into a lucrative career.

Juli Tawil

 The unique skills and ability demonstrated by Juli with control of her medium, the three-dimensional reliefs, and the colors she uses, are the result of her technical training in Industrial Design, unusual for a painter, and her artistic skills developed from an early age.

Her artistic education took place over a 25-year period at Argentina’s “Atelier de Palermo.” Juli experimented with various techniques and styles with the help of various instructors. Her mentor, Omar Martino, had the most profound influence on her artistic path. His wisdom and experience continue to influence her work to this day. 

Juli Tawil

Juli’s admiration for Claude Monet’s brushwork and color palette has left an indelible imprint on her work. While her works do not have the same style as Monet’s, his influence can be seen in the brushstrokes that grace her canvases.

Her art transcends her Argentine heritage, with universal appeal that resonates with audiences worldwide. Her preferred artistic techniques have evolved over the years, taking her from realistic landscapes to abstract explorations. 

The “Dots Series” technique, which combines figurative and abstract elements with relief, is the culmination of her artistic evolution. It’s a one-of-a-kind technique that uses pigments, color paints, plaster, and glue to create striking textures on canvas.

Further, Juli’s art reflects her life experiences, including motherhood and marriage. Her work depicts her identity’s evolution, with each significant life event leaving an indelible mark on her artistic expression. New commissions from clients and collectors around the world attest to the fact that her strong technical skills and innovative techniques have struck a chord with her American and international audiences.

Her artistic philosophy revolves around nature, which serves as a constant source of inspiration for her. Juli paints what she would want to hang in her own home, constantly experimenting with color and materials. “Beautiful Bird” is one of her favorite pieces, combining figurative and versatile composition with vibrant colors, and represents a significant milestone in her career.

Juli Tawil

Juli’s artistic journey has been one of personal growth and exploration. Her approach to art is best expressed in her own words: “I went without painting for a few months after moving to Miami with my family while setting up our home. During the relocation process, I developed a strong desire to paint and express myself. I imagined experimenting with new techniques, colors, and materials. When we finally found our place and I had the time and space to paint, I felt compelled to create a blank canvas, ‘Growing Up,’ as if it were a blank page, from which to begin a new story. That painting inspired the entire Dot Series.” Her new style, perfectly demonstrated in this series, is sure to define a new generation in the art.

Tawil’s art has found a global audience, with exhibitions at prestigious venues such as Paris’s Louvre. These encounters have led to new collaborations and opportunities. 

Juli Tawil

Her artistic long-term goals are as ambitious as her art is innovative. She dreams of having her paintings displayed in homes around the world and of opening her own art gallery to support emerging artists. Juli’s journey exemplifies the marriage of design and artistic expression, a story that continues to evolve and inspire. 

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