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Josie Duggar Makes Ultra-Rare Appearance in Duggar Family Video


Earlier this year, fans discussed Josie Duggar’s apparent health issues in light of their most recent glimpses of the now-teenage daughter.

(Yes, Josie is 13 now. Feeling old, yet?)

Well, thanks to one of her sisters, Josie made a rare — but brief — appearance on the internet again.

How is she doing?

Josie Duggar Makes Ultra-Rare Appearance in Duggar Family Video
In September 2023 Joy Anna Duggar shared a YouTube video depicting her familys camping trip<span class=image caption credit> YouTube<span>

Joy-Anna Duggar recently shared a YouTube video.

The footage goes on for nearly twenty minutes. Much of it is the usual fare for Duggar Family Content.

However, one flowery moment of the video drew a lot of attention from fans. That’s Josie!

In her older sisters YouTube video 13 year old Josie Duggar appeared Fans first saw the recording in September as Josie helped decorate the table for her mothers birthday<span class=image caption credit> YouTube<span>

In the video, Josie makes a brief appearance. Wearing a beige sweater and her hair in a bow, she’s helping with the table.

The table is home to a “flower pot” (it’s a plastic bucket) full of what appear to be daisies and a few other simple flowers.

Elsewhere on the table, we see some miniature pumpkins. Halloween is just around the corner! But not for the Duggar cult.

Michelle Duggar Discusses an Uncomfortable Subject
Counting On star Michelle Duggar speaks about raising her children within their toxic controlling home while Jim Bob Duggar listens<span class=image caption credit> YouTube<span>

The reason for the family gathering was Michelle Duggar’s birthday.

This notoriously awful person’s birthday falls on September 13. She turned 57.

Joy was there to visit, which is how the world ended up with this small glimpse of Josie. Take a look at the video below.

Naturally, longtime Duggar fans took to the comments to discuss Josie.

She looks “so grown up in the footage,” one observed.

“Josie’s so pretty!” another raved. “And the flowers!”

Josie Duggar appears alongside older sister Jinger Duggar in this sister selfie<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

“Looks like so much fun. Nice to see Josie.”

A third person mentioned: “Josie is getting so big!”

We would not, in general, recommend describing most people that way once they are in their double digits.

In early 2023 Josie Duggar appeared in this YouTube video A number of fans have expressed concerns about her health for many years<span class=image caption credit> YouTube<span>

Josie’s health was on people’s mind after seeing Josie wearing a fitted hearness around her neck and shoulders earlier this year.

Many interpreted it as a figure-8 brace. Often, these braces help fix fractures and dislocations — and broken collarbones.

Obviously, Duggar fans voiced their concerns. Some wondered if it was merely a flexible back brace. Others, considering what the Duggar family is like, worried about her well-being at home.

Josie Duggar deserves so much better than to have been born to Michelle Duggar<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

During Michelle’s pregnancy with Josie, she suffered preeclampsia. This dangerously high blood pressure forced her to undergo an emergency C-section.

As a result, Josie’s birth happened three and a half months premature.

She’s not just a preemie. She’s a micro-preemie. It is entirely possible that Josie will suffer long-term health difficulties for years to come.

Jana With Josie
This photo of Jana Duggar and Josie Duggar is quite a throwback<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

Fans feel invested in Josie’s health and well-being.

But, of course, she has spent less of her life on reality TV than she once might have.

Her cultist parents and convicted criminal eldest brother made sure of that.


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