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Jim Bob Duggar: Struggling to Stay Afloat Financially Following Latest Scandals


Jim Bob Duggar has been in the news a lot lately.

And as usual, the media hasn’t exactly been singing his praises.

Most of the Duggar clan’s current woes have to do with the recent Amazon Prime documentary Shiny Happy People, which exposed decades of abuse and corruption within the family’s cult-like community.

Unlike his eldest son, Jim Bob has managed to avoid jail time for his many misdeeds, but that doesn’t mean he’s gotten off entirely scot-free.

Jim Bob Duggar: Struggling to Stay Afloat Financially Following Latest Scandals
Jim Bob Duggar speaks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington DC <span class=image caption credit> Getty Images<span>

We’ve talked about Jim Bob Duggar’s net worth quite a bit in recent years, and most of our coverage has had to do with the fact that the father of 19 managed to keep his head above water following the loss of his media empire.

The former politician made some savvy real estate investments during his short time on top of the reality TV world, and he remains one of northwest Arkansas’ largest landowners.

But while he might’ve been smarter than the average reality star when it came to managing his money, it now looks as though Jim Bob’s financial situation has begun to deteriorate.

Jim Bob Duggar is one seriously messed up dude <span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit TLC<span>

According to a new report from OK! magazine, the Duggars have been struggling in recent months.

The causes of their strife are varied, but most of them stem from Josh Duggar’s conviction on child pornography charges.

“A lot of money went to the lawyers, plus they’re helping out Josh’s wife, Anna, and their six kids,”

Josh and Anna Duggar in happier times<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

“They’re cutting back at home, trimming grocery bills, and the younger kids are wearing hand-me downs. Money is a real issue.”

We imagine in a family of 21, the younger kids were have been wearing hand-me downs for a while, but we get their point.,

The Duggars believe that financial success is a sign of God’s favor, and Jim Bob raised his kids according to the tenets of the “prosperity gospel.”

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They were taught that all forms of debt are sinful and risky investments are a form of gambling (which, of course, is also sinful).

Duggar children were raised to believe that God will provide for those who believe in him, and he showers his favorite followers with great wealth.

So we can’t help but wonder how Jim Bob is spinning his recent financial downturn.

Jim Bob Duggar holds 1 year old granddaughter Fern Seewald in this pic that Jessa shared<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

Part of the reason Jim Bob is (allegedly) going broke is that he’s taken on the burden of supporting Josh’s wife and her seven children.

So he probably portrays himself as a martyr who’s suffering financially for the greater good.

Of course, Anna Duggar and her kids wouldn’t need Jim Bob’s help if he hadn’t raised his eldest child to be an unrepentant predator.

Josh and Anna Duggar with three of their seven children <span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit Instagram<span>

And she might be able to support herself if she hadn’t been raised in a religious community where women aren’t allowed to work outside the home.

And she might have left Josh years ago if she wasn’t raised to believe that filing for divorce is as sinful as committing murder.

So yeah, guys like Jim and Josh have created a lot of suffering for women like Anna.

At least there’s some small solace in knowing those villains are now experiencing some suffering of their own.

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