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Farrah Abraham Displays New Unrecognizable Face, Denies Surgery Rumors


Again and again, fans doubt the things that Farrah Abraham claims. And not without good reason.

She often changes her mind, her statement, and even her appearance at a moment’s notice.

One of Farrah’s most recent appearances has fans wondering what she’s done to her face this time.

But Farrah is hitting back against whispers of cosmetic surgery.

Farrah Abraham Displays New Unrecognizable Face, Denies Surgery Rumors
As part of her Thanksgiving video compilation Farrah Abraham decided to make this facial expression Her reasons are her own<span class=image caption credit> Image Credit Instagram<span>

Farrah Abraham’s face had undergone a series of radical changes over the years.

She has boldly walked fans through a number of procedures, from fillers to vaginal rejuvenation and more. Often, she receives some sort of benefit for showcasing these cosmetic visits.

However, Farrah is selective about what she advertises — and what she admits. Just take a look at her latest face:

Farrah Abraham with a
Alongside an ominous link in bio graphic Farrah Abraham looks absolutely unrecognizable on her Instagram Story from the final weeks of 2023<span class=image caption credit> Image Credit Instagram<span>

On Instagram, Farrah aimed to promote a bizarre Christmas product.

Normal “Elf on the Shelf” products, which sprang out of nowhere about 15 years ago and people act like they’re normal, are dystopian horrors for parents why lie to their kids.

This one’s a little different. It’s Snoop Dog instead of an elf. Better? Who knows? But Farrah’s face caught attention for how distinct it looks.

Farrah Lynn Abraham
Farrah Abraham looked very different when she was on Teem Mom Only a few of the changes are the result of the natural progression of time<span class=image caption credit> Photo Credit MTV<span>

The shape of Farrah’s face is different. Her lips are different.

Farrah’s cheekbones and jawline have assumed different shapes, too.

We all know that Farrah has gotten treatments and advertised them on social media. But, as we said, there are some things that she still denies.

A screenshot from one of Farrah Abraham's 2023 TikTok videos showing her butt in a bikini.
Oh no While loudly insisting that she has not undergone a BBL Farrah Abraham showcased her conspicuous booty<span class=image caption credit> Image Credit TikTok<span>

Farrah took to TikTok to bombard followers (and whoever stumbled across her on that hellish algorithm) with her sandy cheeks. Not the Spongebob Squarepants character — with her beach bum.

See, Farrah was playing in the sand in Turks and Caicos while wearing a white string bikini.

She has seen people on social media discussing the idea that she underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift. But she claims that this is not true.

Farrah Abraham wears a white bikini and appears through a filter.
While soaking up some winter sun Farrah Abraham wore a white bikini on TikTok<span class=image caption credit> Image Credit TikTok<span>

“Goals & no I never got a #bbl but then again goals,” Farrah wrote nonsensically.

One never expects Farrah’s words to make sense. You know how people sometimes run sentences together or forget words, but it only happens every so often? We all do it. Farrah does it with almost every sentence.

As for the BBL denials … well, fans have made their own judgments. If Farrah didn’t undergo that procedure, people are curious about what she did. Though we don’t see anyone clamoring to follow her example, no matter what her “secret” is.


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