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ERMANNO SCERVINO Spring-Summer 2024 collection Milan Fashion Week

Ermano Scervino is a master of mixing feminine sensuality with practical touch and a master in combining such different fabrics as leather and lace. His new collection is a pure love letter to craft. Ermanno Scervino carves his women in beauty, bathing them in exquisite embroideries, precious fabrics and alluring silhouettes that reflect his love for graceful femininity and artisanal mastery. A portraiture of womanhood in which confidence is self-asserted, freedom is in fashion. And fashion serves its purpose of sketching and caressing the body, gracing the personality as an ally for women to embrace their uniqueness. Fashion is inventiveness, handwork, artisanship, and excellence.

For his Spring/Summer 2024 show held on Saturday during Milan Fashion Week in a remarkable and unique location in the center of Milan - inside a baroque cloister of a fifteenth century, Ermanno Scervino showcased the essence of clothing, building a wardrobe of one-of-a-kinds, unique pieces that spotlight the mastery of the brands atelier and its crafts peoples sartorial know-how. Billowing A-line gowns as impalpable and flowing as vapor are ethereal canvas exuding subtle sensuality. Bustier dresses framing the torso stole the attention of the audience, being a real framework for floral hand-embroideries. Pliss frills cascade, as petals hitting the ground, from tight bodices. Sophisticated slip dresses, delicately trimmed in lace, rib-knit frocks and see-through black gowns, both revealing and immaculate, add a dash of mischievous charm.

Tiny organza petals are scattered on knits and generous cardigans or utilitarian parkas, with suede lingerie sets worn underneath. They appear on roomy trench coats, including suede versions, as floral appliqus that play on the hard- and soft-edged friction core to Ermanno Scervinos fashion lexicon. The seasons suit, a double-breasted deconstructed jacket with matching shorts, is swathed in solid pastel nuances, especially including the light-filled pale blue that has become a brands signature color. The fashion show of maestro Scervino was attended by many celebrities and top fashion crowd. When I was trying to make my way to the seating, I crossed paths with stylish Olivia Palermo dressed from head to toe in Scervino who friendly nodded to say hello. It was an honor to meet the designer himself in the backstage and see his team at work. By putting the attention on details and original Italian craft, Ermanno Scervino celebrates the empowering force of clothing, the very essence of fashion.

By Ekaterina Shevliakova

Runway Looks

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24Fashion TV ES SS24 22 1698378396 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 23 1698378400 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 24 1698378408 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 25 1698378411 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 26 1698378415 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 27 1698378419 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 28 1698378424 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 29 1698378429 jpg

24Fashion TV ES SS24 30 1698378439 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 31 1698378443 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 32 1698378446 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 33 1698378449 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 34 1698378453 jpg

24Fashion TV ES SS24 35 1698378460 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 36 1698378482 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 37 1698378487 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 38 1698378492 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 39 1698378497 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 40 1698378503 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 41 1698378507 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 42 1698378512 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 43 1698378517 jpg

24Fashion TV ES SS24 44 1698378541 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 45 1698378549 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 46 1698378555 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 47 1698378561 jpg24Fashion TV ES SS24 48 1698378566 jpg

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