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Erika Jayne Denies Using Ozempic, But Her Weight Loss Explanation Raises New Questions


Ugly rumors and a series of grim confirmations this year have made Ozempic a hot topic among Real Housewives and fans.

The life-saving diabetes drug has faced shortages in the United States and abroad — because certain rich people are using it for weight loss.

Some Housewives have admitted to it. Others have denied it. Earlier this summer, fans alleged that Erika was using the controversial drug.

Erika says that she hasn’t. She has lost weight — but promises that she can explain.

Erika Jayne Denies Using Ozempic, But Her Weight Loss Explanation Raises New Questions
Erika Jayne appeared on Watch What Happens Live in early August 2023 <span class=image caption credit> Bravo<span>

When people saw Erika Jayne out and about earlier this year, they noticed her weight loss.

“Ozempic,” many people speculated. If that were the case, she wouldn’t be the first on the franchise.

But hey, at least people weren’t still calling her a “criminal” because of her ex’s scandal. Progress! Maybe.

Erika Jayne smirks here while looking into the camera for a photo she shared to Instagram<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

This week, she appeared on Watch What Happens Live! as a guest, speaking to host Andy Cohen and addressing the question.

Andy noted that she looks like a “whisper of herself,” which is a very diplomatic way of saying that.

“Yes, I did come down in weight,” Erika confirmed.

Erika Jayne recalls a troubling incident at the Reunion while Lisa Rinna sits by her side<span class=image caption credit> Bravo<span>

“And,” Erika then explained, “I did it hormonally.”

“Not Ozempic-ally?” Andy asked.

Blunt, but she had to know that the question would arise.

Erika Jayne wore this shimmering emerald green top for a remote interview in September of 2022<span class=image caption credit> Bravo<span>

“I was going through menopause,” Erika then revealed.

“So I took it all down,” she shared.

Weight loss during menopause is not especially common, as decreased estrogen levels impact things like body mass. But it does happen.

“I went to the doctor and I said get it off me,” Erika went on.

We’re not entirely sure what that means.

It sounds like Erika is saying that she underwent some other form of weight loss — though she attributes this to hormones.

Erika Jayne Resents Being Badmouthed
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne openly resented being badmouthed by castmates last season<span class=image caption credit> Bravo<span>

If Erika sounds like she’s being vague on purpose, it may be very deliberate. Out of concern for viewers.

“We have this conversation in Beverly Hills and we have a cast member with an eating disorder,” Erika noted.

She is referring of course to Crystal Kung Minkoff, who has struggled with bulimia.

Crystal Kung Minkoff looks absolutely gorgeous for the confessional camera<span class=image caption credit> Bravo<span>

Erika emphasized that she wanted to ensure that her discussion of weight loss “didn’t trigger any” viewers.

She means that literally, using the term correctly. Not in that obnoxious “make you mad” kind of way. That’s not what trigger means.

The term, which can apply to things like PTSD and OCD, in this case refers to eating disorders. It is a disorder, and for some people, that means that discussion of weight and weight loss can trigger extremely unhealthy behaviors.

Erika Jayne Cares About Erika Jayne
Erika Jayne focused a lot upon her own admittedly unpleasant circumstances but it was not a good look to RHOBH viewers at the time<span class=image caption credit> Bravo<span>

Unfortunately, a lot of the discussion of Housewives and Ozempic ends up promoting it.

Again, using a diabetes drug in this way has caused documented shortages. Also a bunch of rodents that took it in testing got cancer.

We can understand why Andy doesn’t treat WWHL as a platform on which to just roast the Housewives for irresponsible choices. That’s our job. As responsible citizens, we mean.


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