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Debbie Johnson and Larissa Lima Reunite in Vegas: Coltee Who?


Last month, we reported that 90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima was returning to Las Vegas. It was not under happy circumstances.

Though Debbie Johnson is moving to Canada for her happily ever after with Tony Starcevich, Vegas was her home for many years.

Is it any wonder that these former in-laws crossed paths? But it wasn’t by accident.

They have grown a lot as people since Colt first brought them into conflict.

Debbie Johnson and Larissa Lima Reunite in Vegas: Coltee Who?
90 Day The Single Life star Debbie Johnson shared a photo featuring her man Tony Starcevich and her former daughter in law Larissa Lima The three hung out in Vegas in May 2023<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

This week, 90 Day: The Single Life alum Debbie Johnson shared this photo on her Instagram. Larissa shared he same pic.

“What a fantastic day,” Debbie wrote. “Having dinner with 2 of my favorite people.”

She identified them as “Larissa @larissalimareal and my love Tony @rose.tattoo1977.”

In her Instagram caption Debbie Johnson explained what she was up to in Vegas <span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

“Enjoying the company and a fantastic dinner,” Debbie endorsed. “The best Brazilian food in Vegas. @fogo de Chao.”

She expressed: “Thank you Larissa for dinner and it was so nice catching up.”

In conclusion, Debbie gushed: “We love you girl!”

Larissa Lima and other 90 Day Fiance legends replied to Larissas former MILs photo and caption signaling their approval <span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

Larissa herself left a string of red heart emojis as a comment under Debbie’s post.

When she shared the photo herself, she also included a caption.

“Love always win with Tony and Debbie,” the self-styled Queen wrote.

Larissa Lima Says Who Is Against the Queen Will DIE!
90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima cautioned her erstwhile relative that he should stop his verbal attacks on her<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

Obviously, this is only the latest installment in Debbie and Larissa’s vastly improved relationship.

Back when Larissa was Colt’s wife, she and Debbie were constantly clashing — while Colt sort of sat back and watched, like a spectator.

Of course, after fans watched this cycle repeat as Colt dated after things ended with Larissa, more or less everyone started to realize that this wasn’t really a Larissa thing.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra SEPARATED: Debbie is Killing Our Marriage!
On the Tell All stage Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra accused Colts mother of harming their marriage<span class=image caption credit> Discovery Plus<span>

For that matter, it wasn’t really a Debbie thing. Not really.

Even when she clashed with the women whom Colt later dated, it was Colt who set up the conflict.

Was it ineptitude or does he get a kick out of seeing the women in his life at each other’s throats? Fans have been asking themselves this question about Coltee for years.

On 90 Day The Single Life Debbie Johnson found love against 69 Her Canadian love Tony Starcevich wasnt shy about showing his affection<span class=image caption credit> Discovery Plus<span>

Instead of continuing to clash with Colt, Debbie finally looked for love again — breaking a cycle of codependence and misery. She found Tony Starcevich, a charming Canadian.

When they met in person, sparks were instantly flying. And when Debbie followed him to Canada, he made her feel very warm despite the cold.

Debbie and Tony’s visit to Vegas is no surprise, and it’s great that they caught up with Larissa. They’ve all come a long way over the years. (Not Tony; he wasn’t there for the earlier stuff)


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