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Armitek Announces Affordable Bullet Resistant Glass


Bullet Resistant Glass and Film Availability

Today, Armitek announced the immediate availability of Bullet Resistant Glass, enabling the purchase of the product to help prevent bodily injury and property loss from violence, shootings, smash and grab, theft, riots, vandalism, intrusions, natural disasters, etc. 

“Many customers start out thinking that safety and security products are only for the rich and well-known. We’ve found that our products, which are the thinnest and lightest in the market, exceeding industry standards, are also affordable," said Dustin Van Wagoner, Managing Director at Armitek. 

Positive Customer Impact 

Many customers have already benefited from deploying Bullet Resistant Glass. Some of the top customers include businesses, schools, homeowners, law enforcement, etc. 

“Imagine the peace of mind in going to work, school, or just being home, and having protection from a bullet or anything coming from someone intent on hurting you or taking you, your family, employees or property; not to mention unforeseen events like natural disasters,” said Shawn Cavalli, Marketing and Communications Director at Armitek. 

While Armitek provides safe rooms, ballistic glass, armored vehicle items, and more, the company's most popular product is its security film. Clear security film can be installed on business and home windows and doors without the need to replace the frame. This can save thousands of dollars for customers and provide the needed security to stay safe. Even though Armitek offers installation, this is something that can also be done by a local professional installer. 


Bullet Resistant Glass and Film Availability 

Bullet Resistant Glass is a product driven by customer feedback and input and demonstrates Armitek’s commitment to deliver the latest product updates and services. Bullet Resistant Glass is available for purchase at

Founded in 2016, Armitek is a leader in ballistic products. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to protect what matters most before it’s too late. 

Armitek and Bullet Resistant Glass and Film are all registered trademarks or trademarks of Armitek in the United States and/or other countries. 

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Shawn Cavalli
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Armitek is a registered trademark.

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Shawn Cavalli
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