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Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman: Where Does the Divorce Stand?


Amy Slaton has a lot going on at the moment.

As previously reported, the 1000-Lb Sisters star actually got into a fight with her loved ones while filming new episodes of this reality show in Florida a few weeks ago.

Production went on hiatus for a period of time, but shooting on Season 4 has since resumed.

On the personal front, meanwhile, Amy HAS A BOYFRIEND!

Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman: Where Does the Divorce Stand?
Amy Slaton addresses the camera in this confessional from 1000 Lb Sisters<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

We learned several days ago that Slaton isn’t just dating someone named Tony Rodgers, but that he’s actually living with her in Kentucky.

Talk about moving fast, huh?!?

In the wake of this bombshell report, many observers couldn’t help but wonder:

Wait, what is the status of her relationship with husband Michael Halterman?

<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

Indeed, Amy and Michael were married for about four years when the latter filed for divorce in March.

This surprise filming came in the wake of an ugly altercation between the spouses… which prompted Slaton to call 911 and accuse her husband of getting violent in front of the couple’s young sons.

The star told told authorities at the time that Michael started “throwing things” with the pair’s toddlers at home during this fight.

Shortly thereafter, a judge ordered Slaton and Halterman to stay at least 500 feet away from each other at all times.

Remember these happier times Amy and her husband Michael are no longer a couple<span class=image caption credit> Instagram<span>

According to Kentucky Court documents, meanwhile, Michael’s divorce against Amy remains ongoing.

As anyone who has gone through this unfortunate process likely knows well, a divorce can take a very long time to be made official.

The TLC personalities were scheduled to be in court on June 1 to continue battling it out — mostly in regard to custody of their sons — but they chose to try and settle the situation privately instead.

From what we can gather, lawyers for each side continue to debate and discuss various topics related to the legal split.

Amy Slaton has lost a lot of weight Thats clear from this photo which she shared in summer 2023<span class=image caption credit> TikTok<span>

This is all par for the divorce course.

And it doesn’t mean that the involved parties can’t move on with their lives — as Amy appears to be doing with this Tony fella.

The two have been together for about three months, an insider told The Sun last week, adding:

“She’s been keeping him on the down low, but he’s been living with her in Kentucky.”

Amy Slaton likes to use filters But her fans wanna see her natural beauty online<span class=image caption credit> tikTok<span>

To be clear, Amy herself has not yet commented on this alleged relationship.

Nor has Halterman.

The aforementioned source went on to claim that Slaton and Rodgers are “going strong” and “spending lots of time with the kids,” which causes us to wonder:

Might he even be featured on future episodes of 1000-Lb Sisters?!?



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