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90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Introduces Cleo, Franchise’s First Trans Woman!


On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, viewers finally got to “meet” Christian and Cleo.

The Season 6 couple both have vibrant personalities. Christian is from Minnesota while Cleo, an Italian model, is from Italy.

Christian introduced himself as the “life of the party.” Cleo does not always do well with crowds, as she is autistic.

Additionally, Cleo is transgender. After dozens of seasons, she is the franchise’s first trans woman.

90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Introduces Cleo, Franchise’s First Trans Woman!
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Season 6, Episode 4 introduced Christian first. He is from Edina, Minnesota.

The 30-year-old describes himself as “the life of the party.” He’s a total extrovert.

90 Day Fiance (and many other reality shows) like to have people boil themselves down into a few simple descriptions for a bio. That’s his.

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In case you’re wondering, Christian’s spontaneous, goofy attitude is not just for show.

On social media, he has an “OnlyFans” link that is nothing but a RickRoll. He has a specific (and harmless) sense of humor.

Also, the fact that he was going to a Halloween party suggests that he and Cleo filmed about four months after Riley and Violet, but perhaps a little while before Amanda and Razvan.

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Like so many people (especially on this show), Christian and Cleo first met over social media. Well, “met” over social media. You know what we mean.

Christian is not new to taking leaps for love. In 2020, he eloped with his girlfriend at the time. They ended up having the marriage annulled months later. That’s … a lot.

Now, he has fallen in love with a woman who’s living across the Atlantic Ocean. And he’s preparing to go that distance to meet her in person.

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Christian shared that their initial exchange — just a friendly hello — has blossomed into something more.

In fact, in recent months, Christian and Cleo have been video chatting every night.

He is so eager to meet her. But they both know that meeting in person can make or break a relationship.

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32-year-old Cleo is an Italian model. She is currently living in London.

Cleo has a delightful sense of humor, which really shines online. She loves cats and she does anime fanart.

And Cleo is autistic.

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Many people — including allistics (that is, people who do not have autism) — find the noise and crowds of cities to be overwhelming.

But because autistic folks process information differently, many find the sudden and intense noises to be difficult to manage.

So Cleo wears headphones to help with the noise. She also wears a lanyard, indicating that she has an invisible disability, just in case of an emergency.

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During the episode, we saw Cleo meet up with her friend, Ousama.

The two of them, it turned out, bonded over shared spiritual nterests — including astrology.

Cleo quickly interrupted filming (it was her first day, it seems) because she felt distracted. She had a question for producers.

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Lots of cast members have paused to ask producers a question. Most of them don’t have their question become part of the episode.

But, in this case, it’s part of her personality. Cleo asked about their star signs. Believers in astrology hold that the (arbitrarily defined) relative positions of certain visible celestial bodies dictate personality, destiny, and more.

Cleo explained that astrology became a Special Interest of hers. In her mind, categorizing people in this way helps her to understand and interact with them.

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Cleo and Christian’s flirty rapport with each other is clear.

She is totally head over heels for Christian.

Yes, they both have their anxieties about meeting in person. But Cleo says that she is a “simp” for Christian so far. And she had to explain what that means to a producers (who possibly asked just to get an answer for older demographic viewers)

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Cleo spoke to her friend, Ousama, about Christian’s plan to come to see her for a few weeks. “Which is wild,” she commented.

But she has anxieties, because Christian has never dated a trans woman before.

His past girlfriends were cisgender. And while Brad is clearly crushing on her now, she wonders if he’ll still feel that way in person.

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Cleo also touched upon anxieties about her appearance.

She is on testosterone blockers and HRT, but she has not, for example, undergone FFS (facial feminization surgery).

Some trans women who are unable to transition until they are adults choose to undergo surgery. Sometimes for reasons of dysphoria, sometimes for social acceptance, and often for both.

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Later, we saw Cleo meet up with another friend, Jane.

She was looking for an outfit to wear to meet Christian at the airport.

But, of course, they spoke about the relationship and what she expects from her American love.

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What gets Cleo is that she’s not just worried about Christian going “actually I only like cis women.” It’s more than that.

She knows that cis partners of trans folks sometimes face a taste of cruelty and transphobia. For some, it’s too much for them to stay in the relationship.

At best, people in Christian’s life might ask him a bunch of dumbass questions until he’s had enough. And it sometimes breaks relationships between people who truly love each other.

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In fact, we saw Christian hanging out with some friends while at home. This scene was complex.

Why? Because, though his friends were certainly not meaning anything malicious, their questions were kind of s–tty.

If you ask questions about a straight man’s personality because the woman he’s dating is trans and not cis, that’s weird. Trans women are women. It makes sense for straight men to date them; they do it every day.

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And yes, Christian is straight. He mentions having made out with a guy in college, which only confirmed that it’s not for him.

(So many people make out in college that even longtime friends sometimes forget that it happened. Especially at parties)

Again, weird topic to bring up in this context. And things get even weirder when his friends (possibly at the suggestion of producers) bring up questions about Cleo’s anatomy.

<span class=image caption credit> TLC<span>

Yes, Cleo and Christian have fully discussed the anatomy topic. But just because they talked about it doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate for someone else to ask if she’s had bottom surgery.

Why? Because it’s pretty much never appropriate to ask about your buddy’s girlfriend’s genitals. Christian rightly noted that this was akin to him asking questions about a friend’s “girlfriend’s labia.” He’s right! He’s absolutely right!

Anyway, we are excited about the franchise’s first trans woman. We just hope that the editors don’t throw her under the bus like they did to the franchise’s first trans man. He deserved better. And Cleo deserves better.


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