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USPA Deploys Emergency Fire Watch Guards to Dallas


Fire Watch Dallas. Emergency Firewatch Guards in Texas

USPA Nationwide Security has activated its Emergency Fire Protection Division in Dallas to Protect Buildings Amidst Freezing Temperatures

Our highly trained Emergency Fire Watch Service in Dallas will provide an extra layer of protection for buildings facing fire suppression system issues caused by freezing pipes”

— Brian Fitzgibbons, Director of Fire Watch

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, October 30, 2023 / — As North Texas faces an unprecedented freeze warning, USPA Nationwide Security has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of buildings whose fire suppression systems have become inoperable due to freezing pipes. Recognizing the potential risks and consequences of compromised fire safety, USPA has deployed a dedicated team of emergency fire watch guards in Dallas to provide round-the-clock protection and vigilance.

The extreme weather conditions have resulted in frozen pipes, rendering fire suppression systems ineffective in numerous buildings across the region. This presents an alarming threat to the safety of occupants and properties alike. In response to this critical situation, USPA Nationwide Security has mobilized its highly trained and experienced Fire Watch guards to mitigate the risks and maintain a high level of fire safety.

The deployment of emergency Fire Watch guards ensures that buildings without proper fire suppression systems will have an additional layer of protection during this vulnerable period. These guards have been specifically trained to identify fire hazards, detect early signs of fire, and alert occupants promptly. They will diligently patrol the premises, adhering to a comprehensive fire watch protocol, and be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to respond swiftly to any fire-related incidents.

USPA Nationwide Security, a leading provider of professional security services, understands the urgency of the situation and the paramount importance of fire safety. By deploying emergency Fire Watch guards, the company aims to safeguard lives, properties, and businesses during this challenging time.

“We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our clients and their premises,” said Brian Fitzgibbons, Director of Fire Watch for USPA Nationwide Security. “Our highly trained Fire Watch guards will provide an extra layer of protection for buildings facing fire suppression system issues caused by freezing pipes. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment and mitigating potential risks during this freeze warning.”

USPA Nationwide Security is renowned for its expertise in providing comprehensive security solutions for a wide range of industries. With its swift response and proactive approach, the company aims to alleviate concerns and protect buildings from fire hazards amidst the freezing weather conditions.

For more information about USPA Nationwide Security and their Dallas Emergency Fire Watch services, please visit or call (800) 214-1448.


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USPA Nationwide Security is a leading security service provider with a nationwide presence. With over two decades in business, USPA offers a comprehensive range of security and fire safety solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. The company’s team of highly trained security professionals ensures the safety and protection of clients, assets, and properties across the United States.

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