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Tranzfar Group secures up to USD 10 million investment from MTN Funding to fuel growth in banking and payment solutions


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 7, 2023 / — MTN Funding PLC is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with Tranzfar Group Limited. MTN Funding PLC will provide up to USD 10,000,000 in funding through ISIN GB00BNYNFZ53 to Tranzfar for acquisitions and the growth of its international business.

Tranzfar is a financial technology company focused on remittance, digital banking, and payment infrastructure. Tranzfar aims to be a world-leading provider of banking and payment services, offering its users a fast, reliable and customer-friendly service online through its website and mobile application.

Tranzfar is driven by the need to financially connect the global diaspora to the rest of the world. Tranzfar Group Ltd (“TRZ”) is raising finance to rapidly establish itself as a global fintech providing global banking solutions, payment infrastructure, and remittances across 100 countries.

The group has already taken steps to actualise its plans and introduced an early version of its digital banking platform – Freedom Bank. From this platform, clients can subscribe to multiple currency accounts globally, make instant remittance payments and make international payments via Swift, Fedwire and SEPA. Furthermore, the group is taking steps to introduce payment infrastructure that will enable countries within certain regions to exchange currency, directly and seamlessly, eliminating obstacles and promoting intra-continental trade.

There is a strong demand for international digital banking solutions that are lean, responsive, and affordable in contrast to traditional banking solutions. This is of value for users in both developed and emerging markets. Clients are already paying very high fees for less efficient solutions, which include domiciliary banking options, wallet solutions and black-market resolutions. These are not only expensive but slow, cumbersome, and unsafe.

Tranzfar Group’s solution is to provide access to a suite of global currencies and payment infrastructure at fixed and affordable pricing and with greater speed, safety, and reliability. Customers also experience additional benefits such as access to insured deposits, and a catalogue of other corporate and retail financial services.

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