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Packachange launches an e-commerce platform for the packaging industry to connect consumers to suppliers globally


Packachange’s new platform connects US consumers to global manufacturers and distributors, simplifying packaging procurement.

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — Packachange announced the launch of its platform aimed at simplifying the process of sourcing packaging for consumers in the United States. The platform connects consumers directly to manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Packachange is unique in serving small businesses by helping them purchase packaging at low minimums while offering full customization for the food and cosmetic packaging industry.

The company aims to offer consumers access to competitively priced packaging directly from suppliers, focusing on convenience and efficiency. Packachange streamlines the purchasing process by eliminating requests for quotes. Instead customers are able to view prices and delivery times instantly.

Anirudh Jonnalagadda, COO and Co-founder of Packachange, emphasized the platform’s commitment to providing consumers with a hassle-free experience. “Our platform is designed to democratize access to packaging by simplifying the purchasing process,” said Jonnalagadda. “We aim to empower businesses and individuals to easily source packaging, regardless of size or location.”

One of the critical features of Packachange’s platform is its ability to offer multiple purchasing options based on the customer’s location. Customers can choose from in-stock items ready to ship from the USA, Latin America, or Asia, each with varying lead times. This flexibility ensures that customers receive their orders efficiently, regardless of their geographic location.

Romell Rao, CEO/Co-founder of Packachange, highlighted “Small businesses are overpaying and spending weeks purchasing packaging. We believe it should take seconds,” said Rao. Packachange presents live lead times and pricing. In return, this helps suppliers and customers transact in seconds. “We believe the future of B2B transactions is touchless eliminating quote exhaustion”

They aim to become a go-to destination for packaging solutions across various industries, starting with cosmetics and food. With its user-friendly platform and commitment to sustainability, Packachange is poised to transform how packaging is sourced and distributed.

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About Company:

Packachange is a tech startup that Romell Rao and Anirudh Jonnalagadda founded to simplify consumer packaging procurement. Packachange connects consumers in the United States directly to manufacturers and distributors worldwide through its platform, offering competitively priced packaging solutions focusing on convenience.

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