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Nicelocal is Switching to Annual Plans


Nicelocal is Switching to Annual Plans

The Nicelocal recommendation service is switching to annual plans. Companies no longer need to worry about extending their monthly paid service plans.

The service's marketing research and analysis of feedback from companies that have opted for one of Nicelocal's paid plans for promoting their business in the catalog have shown that:

  • Long-term contracts are much more cost-effective for companies since the price of an annual plan is 30-40% less than that of a monthly plan.
  • It's easier for companies to plan their expenses a year in advance than to add funds to their Nicelocal business accounts every month.
  • It's simpler and more intuitive for businesses to schedule their marketing campaigns since they know what their PR specialists' workload will be over the course of the year.

Feedback from Nicelocal's business partners has also shown that long-term collaboration yields better results for companies. After all, one or two months often isn't enough to get a sense of how many more clients a business can get by promoting itself or how much the company's revenue might have changed during that time.

What does an annual Nicelocal plan get?

Purchasing an annual service plan allows companies to:

  • Work closely with Nicelocal reviews and complaints, reacting to them in a timely manner and neutralizing negative comments.
  • Get a detailed, comprehensive understanding of their target audience, identifying its preferences and what it expects from a business.
  • Consistently promote their company's card in the Nicelocal catalog and various search engines when users input certain search queries.
  • Increase their business's recognizability, including displaying and promoting its card on Google Maps (Gold members only).

Free Ad and Premium Plans on

The best option for most of Nicelocal's business partners is the Premium plan since it allows them to:

  • Get more options when it comes to editing the information on their company page - for example, they can make their card stand out visually in the catalog, thereby attracting more attention from users.
  • Obtain a Nicelocal seal of approval, which increases potential clients' trust in the business.
  • Dispute Nicelocal reviews from users who used the company's services and were dissatisfied for one reason or another.
  • Remove competitors' banners from their card while leaving their own banner on other companies' pages.

For businesses that are still learning about what Nicelocal's services can do for them, Nicelocal recommends starting out with the Free Ad plan. All they have to do is sign up on the website. 

The Free Ad plan allows companies to:

  • Learn about all the services Nicelocal has to offer.
  • Add up-to-date information about their business (hours of operation, promotions, special offers, contact info, etc.).
  • Upload photos, certifications, licenses, awards, and diplomas.
  • Independently add SEO-optimized content, which will improve a company's ranking in the Nicelocal catalog and make it appear higher in search results.

As before, Nicelocal's partners have 14 days to familiarize themselves with the opportunities afforded by the various paid plans for free.

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