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Daniel Brackins Reaches Amazon Best-Seller with “Empathy and Understanding In Business,” Co-Authored with Chris Voss


Best Selling Author – Daniel Brackins

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 13, 2024 / — Daniel Brackins, a renowned expert in digital strategy and brand storytelling, has collaborated with renowned author Chris Voss and other esteemed professionals from around the world to co-author the critically acclaimed book, Empathy and Understanding In Business, published by SuccessBooks®. The book made its highly anticipated debut on January 4th, 2024.

Following its release, Empathy and Understanding In Business swiftly climbed the ranks on Amazon’s best-sellers charts, achieving best-seller status in direct marketing, sales, and selling, as well as the Entrepreneur category. Not only did it achieve these remarkable milestones, but it also proudly secured the coveted #1 New Release spot in four distinct categories. This extraordinary success underscores the widespread recognition and enthusiastic reception this groundbreaking book has garnered within the business and entrepreneurial community, solidifying its position as a must-read for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Daniel’s impactful chapter, titled, “Negotiating Life: The Undiscovered Power of Empathy,” played a pivotal role in the book’s success.

Meet Daniel Brackins:

Born in the charming, unassuming town of Regen, Germany, Daniel Alexander Brackins has risen to become a renowned expert in digital strategy and brand storytelling. Now residing in the United States, his life has been marked by a rich tapestry of international experiences, including significant time spent
in Japan. This diverse exposure has not only broadened his horizons but also enhanced his linguistic proficiency, making him adept in English, German, and Japanese.

Daniel Brackins’ journey into the martial arts began early in his life, becoming a jujutsu instructor at the age of just 16. A seasoned instructor, Brackins has coached a broad spectrum of individuals, from civilians to law enforcement personnel, harnessing his more than three decades of martial arts experience.

The values of discipline, agility, and patience he gleaned from these teachings are deeply embedded in his professional and personal interactions. Gifted with an uncanny ability to distil complex concepts into their simplest forms, Brackins excels at devising marketing strategies that catalyze growth. He has an artistic flair for sculpting brand narratives that resonate deeply with audiences.

These talents have earned him recognition through numerous accolades and have proved invaluable to various Fortune 500 companies across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, automotive, and entertainment sectors. Brackins’ proficiency isn’t confined to traditional digital strategy, it stretches across public relations, marketing, crisis communications, and, most importantly, negotiation.

Brackins employs a unique approach, intertwining his martial arts training with diverse philosophical and practical doctrines, including stoicism, Zen, and the principles of the Black Swan Method. This potent blend sharpens his business savvy and interpersonal relationships, refining his communication skills, fostering a profound understanding and empathy, inspiring strategic and flexible thinking, and
nurturing emotional adaptability and patience.

His extensive disciplines have fine-tuned his ability to foresee, adapt to, and effectively respond to others’ actions, facilitating conflict resolution and fruitful strategic results. The clarity and logic emanating from these age-old, powerful principles, with their focus on balance and fluidity, cultivate an adaptable mindset.
This equips Brackins to surmount unforeseen business challenges and grasp new opportunities with agility.

Daniel Brackins is not merely a strategist. He is a martial artist, storyteller, educator, and polymath. His eclectic blend of skills, fortified by personal discipline, professional expertise, and a rich tapestry of practices and principles, empowers him to weave compelling narratives that amplify brands, nurture empathy, and foster genuine connections. His comprehensive approach continues to enable individuals
and brands to unleash their full potential in an increasingly complex world.

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