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TEAL Partners With Volatus Aerospace, Ensuring Their Drones Are Always Connected


With Teal's eSIM, cellular equipped drones are now carrier agnostic and can be deployed at a moment's notice anywhere in the world.

Volatus Aerospace and TEAL

Volatus Aerospace Powered by TEAL

TEAL is pleased to announce their partnership with Volatus Aerospace Corp. ("Volatus") (TSXV:VOL) (OTCQB:VLTTF) to provide global mobile carrier agnostic connectivity for cellular-equipped drones to bring reliable autonomy and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations to clients.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to provide Volatus with a simple solution that enables them to provide bespoke aviation-grade data connectivity for their mission critical drones around the world," said Robert Hamblet, CEO of Teal.

"Teal can provide Volatus and its customers with on-demand access and real time configuration for any supported mobile network worldwide. This translates into easy, fast, and reliable deployment of drones anywhere in the world," said Dean Attridge, VP of Solutions Engineering at Volatus Aerospace. "Using Teal gives us more flexibility, greater performance and significantly reduced account management requirements when our customers are using the services of multiple mobile carriers."

Teal brings simplicity by providing single and multi-eSIM connectivity that gives their clients the ability to connect any drone to any network globally. Roaming is expensive, and Teal connects cellular-equipped drones directly to global networks. This translates into lower latency, higher redundancy, higher throughput, and cost savings. 

Volatus Aerospace has begun the rollout of Teal's eSIM platform in Canada and the United States, with the goal of rolling out Teal on all global cellular-equipped drones. 

Learn more about how Teal is helping Volatus Aerospace here.


About TEAL:

Teal's patented technology connects any device onto any data network worldwide. With more network operator agreements than any other connectivity provider, Teal gives businesses everywhere the flexibility and control to remotely switch between networks, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance for any internet of things (IoT) deployment. Teal supports applications across many industries including mobility, robotics, drones, industrial IoT, healthcare, and LTE/5G network operators. Learn more at 

About Volatus Aerospace:

Volatus Aerospace is the leader in commercial drones and UAV technologies, providing integrated solutions for clients globally. The company serves both civil, government, and defense markets. Having established itself in the drone services market, providing infrastructure inspection, mapping and modelling services, the Company has leveraged this expertise into the key sectors of equipment distribution, public safety, drone cargo and delivery, and security and defense. Their aviation division provides commercial aircraft management and charter services, and long-range pipeline patrol and inspection with the integration of AI and autonomous solutions.

TEAL Press Contact

Robb Monkman
VP of Marketing
[email protected]

Contact Information:
Robb Monkman
VP of Marketing
[email protected]

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